Without politics, very little can be achieved. It is known as "the art of the possible" among politicians themselves. For this reason we all have resposibility to make sure that politicians in which region of the world we live are informed and convinced in the part politics can play in opening windows of opportunity.

There are a number of principles which must become mainstream in the first half of the 21st Century if this planet has any chance of environmental, ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

A great deal of information is available or under construction on solar-e.com. This website has been dedicated to explore the challenges and barriers associated with political processes in relation to the following aspects of life that need to change in order to create a better, sustainable, and joyful world:

  1. A redefinition of economics.
  2. Protection and rejuvenation of oceans and sea creatures.
  3. Reforestation of cleared areas.
  4. Sustainable agriculture.
  5. Permaculture.
  6. Protection of Indigenous populations and their culture.
  7. E.S.D of the built environment.
  8. Control and reduction of world population.
  9. Philosophical change via education.
  10. Protection of human rights.
  11. Protection of old growth forests
  12. Conservation of wildlife.
  13. Rule of international law.
  14. Removal of sectarianism from political life and constitutions.
  15. Development of water resources.
  16. Development of community values.
  17. Promotion and strengthening of democratic states and suppression of terror.
  18. Develop more inclusiveness through the United Nations.
  19. Develop a humane system of dealing with refugees.
  20. Create a global economy of common goals and partnerships for the common good.
  21. How to achieve a state of self actualization for every human being during their lifetime.

What has politics got to offer?


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