A desperate need of Indigenous Cultures beyond the main problems of:

  • destruction of their native lands and natural environment.
  • health problems and neglect from governments and bureaucracy.
  • genocide in some cases.
  • deliberate and/or unintentional destruction of their language.
  • decimation of their culture.
  • disrespect of their achievements.
  • spiritual damage.
  • dysfunctional behavior, exasperated by alcohol and drug abuse.

is the access to modern technology that can maintain contact with the modern world and allow them to develop the skill of remaining proud and culturally strong. At the same time there is a need for them to integrate into the national economy of their region and have an informed say, politically, spiritually and environmentally. Use of a remote power and environmental system is an excellent way of helping to achieve such a goal.

By professionals getting involved in all aspects such as:

  1. Appropriate building programs.
  2. Solar power & communication systems.
  3. Permaculture techniques.
  4. Health programs.
  5. Art and cultural pursuits.
  6. Job creation based on their cultural strengths.
  7. Equal opportunity to education and training.

we are showing how appropriate remote and environmental technologies can be applied to human settlements in a sustainable way.

So, by helping indigenous cultures we are indirectly gaining valuable insight on how the modern world can approach human settlements in future generations.

Helping indigenous populations helps us promote solar energy.


for further information go to: Indigenous culture
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