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What is solar energy?

The light and heat from a thermonuclear reactor some 180 million kilometers away. The life force of this planet. All forms of energy we now use have their origin in some way with the sun. Coal, Oil, and gas are all "fossilized" solar energy.

But after all of the thousands of years we have been on this planet, we still haven't realized the true potential of our solar resource.

Here's how we can:

In the 1980's there were a number of organizations providing information to the public in an attempt to change attitudes to energy conservation and use of solar energy. Now the internet offers the opportunity to greatly expand the conscious of the citizens of this world on a global basis.

This site is to contain all the information agencies, companies and organizations which are active in continuing this ideal

Major Consulting Advisory Commissions for the SEIC
Energy Conservation in Dampier & Karratha

Australia's Greenhouse Performance
Solar Energy Information Philosophy
Renewable Energy and Industry
The Solar Energy Information Centre

Mr Garry F. Baverstock
WiseEarth P/L
P.O. Box 6113 Swanbourne
WA Australia 6010

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